Automated Essay Grading
Automated Essay Grading

State-of-the-art machine learning framework for automatically grading student essays

Boulder Amp
Top of the line audio player

Firmware, drivers, and user interface for an audio player hailed by Stereophile magazine as "superbly engineered"

Fish identification
Endangered Fish Identification

Automatic identification and counting of different fish species to aid in the protection of the endangered delta smelt


Computer-aided design and modeling tool for physicists working with Bose-Einstein condensates and atoms near absolute zero

Seal Identification
Seal Identification

Automatic identification and counting of seals in 100s of gigabytes of images to determine the health of arctic populations

YouFinder facial recognition
youFinder Facial Recognition

Identification groups of family in friends in large collections of images

Battery Voltage Monitoring
Battery Voltage Monitor

Cell voltage monitoring system for observing the health of an array of up to 48 batteries

Emergency Dispatching System
Emergency Dispatching System

Networked, multi-city, safety-critical fire and EMS dispatching software

baseball tracking
Baseball Tracking

Real-time baseball tracking to help players improve and analyze their hitting