Project Details

  • Product: youFinder Facial Recognition
  • Technologies: Python, C++

Every week, cruise ships head out to sea, often carying over 3,000 passengers. On a given week-long cruise the photographers may take more than 30,000 photographs. Getting the right pictures to the right people is a hard problem. By combining facial recognition technology with efficient search algorithms and an intuitive user interface, youFinder allows tourism companies to connect their guests with their photographs.

None of this would even be possible without the amazing work you have all done in the development of youFinder. youFinder remains our magic black box and continues to impress anyone that is luckily enough to get a glimpse at how she works and performs her magic! The thought of this gallery concept would still be a dream without it. Once again thank you for giving us such a tremendously stable app that really has required very little support over the last 18 months - testament to the exceptional talent of work you guys do. -- Image Group