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    Image: LiveAtom physics visualization software

What We Do

Natural Language Processing

Statistical language modeling, summarization, classification, sentiment analysis, and syntactic evaluation and correction

Embedded Systems

Firmware, drivers, real-time control systems, and custom user interfaces for devices with space, memory, and processing limitations

Image and video processing and recognition

Object detection, tracking, and identification; scene segmentation and analysis; dynamic sensor calibration

Machine Learning and AI

Facial recognition, deep learning systems, data mining and analysis, predictive systems

Software engineering

Bringing troubled legacy systems under control, scalable web infrastructure, software best practices

Scientific computing

Scientific modeling, finite element analysis, numerical analysis, and data visualization

Recent Projects

Automated Essay Grading
Automated Essay Grading

State of the art machine learning system with cloud infrastructure for automated essay grading

Boulder Amplifier
Top of the line audio player

Firmware, drivers, and user interface for an audio player hailed by Stereophile magazine as "superbly engineered"

Endangered fish identificaiton
Fish identification

Automatic identification and counting of different fish species to aid in the protection of the endangered delta smelt

LiveAtom physics visualization

Computer-aided design and modeling tool for physicists working with Bose-Einstein condensates and atoms near absolute zero