Battery Voltage Monitor

Project Details

  • Product: Battery Voltage Monitor
  • Technologies: C, custom board fabrication

Boulder Labs designed and manufactured a cell voltage monitor that observes an array of up to 48 batteries and sends cell voltages to a nearby computer.

More About this project

Large arrays of low voltage batteries are commonly used to store electricty generated by renewable sources, such as solar or wind. In these battery arrays, a single bad cell can signifcantly degrade performance of the system and may damage the other cells. By making it easy to track the voltages of all the cells over time, Boulder Labs' cell voltage monitor allows the end user to quickly identify any bad cells.

The cell monitor is designed to be used on arrays of up to 48 batteries, with each cell carries a maximum of 5 volts. Class 1 bluetooth is used to transmit data to a computer up to 100 meters away.