Automated essay grading

Project Details

  • Product: Machine learning framework for automated essay grading
  • Technologies: Python, Javascript, Flask, NLTK, SciPy, Deep Learning, Cloud Infrastructure

In close collaboration with our client, a global education company, Boulder Labs designed and implemented a state of the art machine learning system with cloud infrastructure for automated essay grading.

More About this project

We developed a system to automate and streamline much of the work involved in building models to perform automated essay grading. The system includes an API for data collection and validation, tools to automate the modeling process and facilitate research, an interface for reporting on modeling performance, and support for deploying trained models to a production environment.

The system is useful to both the R&D and engineering teams, and facilitates an easy transfer of technology from research to production.

As a separate project for the same client, Boulder Labs developed a grammar checker specifically tailored for student writing. The new system provides a natural interface for integrating external tools, including this grammar checker, into the automated essays grading system.